Social proof and how to use it efficiently

Showcase The Product’s High Demand

If your product is purchased by a great number of people, show it to the public! You can show the number of orders in the “Purchase History” section, just as Always Riding does:

Increase The Urgency

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a kind of psychology stating that people get nervous if they are left out or miss something. If visitors see that an item is nearly out of stock, there’s a likelihood that they will order it as soon as possible.

Exhibit Reviews

This is the most traditional way of social proof, with 61% of customers are reported reading reviews before they decide to buy something. However, instead of displaying reviews randomly, you can group them into “Pros” (positive reviews) and “Cons” (negative reviews) so that viewers can find the strengths and weaknesses of the product more easily.

Display Customer Testimonials

Similar to reviews, customer testimonials are trusted by 74% of customers and are an effective marketing strategy to prove your product’s authenticity. Customer testimonials can be shown as a quote (like the picture below) or as a video (which is complicated but also more attractive and persuasive).

Utilize Social Media Numbers

The number of followers, likes, comments, and shares is evidence to show that you’re a legitimate seller. You can highlight them by a special post like brand Baiskoafu:

Highlight Celebrity/ Expert Endorsements

Celebrities or experts usually have a voice in their area, and they know how to influence people’s decisions. If you can invite a well-known person to advertise your products, it will be useful a lot in establishing your brand’s reputation.

Quote Press Reviews

The advantage of media outlets or press is that people think their opinion is unbiased and usually true. As a result, press reviews are strong social proof to differentiate your brand from other competitors.



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